Emetophobia Treatment
Emetophobia Treatment

Emetophobia Treatment

Emetophobia is the fear of vomiting or of anything associated with vomiting.

This may include flying, driving, infections associated with nausea, or being around people or places where vomiting has or is likely to occur.



Trauma may have caused your brain to develop this phobia in which a fear response is triggered by anything associated with vomiting.


LORETA neurofeedback desensitizes the fear pathways in your brain while you watch videos of your particular triggering scenarios. Emetophobia can be significantly reduced within 10 sessions.
To maximize recovery, I recommend treating any trauma that may have caused your brain to develop this phobia, and that may take another 10 sessions. Even if you don’t remember the trauma, its negative effects can be diminished by the training.


Sometimes emetophobia begins in conjunction with or as an expression of PTSD. If this is the case, the PTSD should be treated with LORETA neurofeedback too.


Please read the section on “how to prepare for your session”. Your hair must be clean and dry. You must remove everything you can from your head and neck and preferably clothes and other parts of your body.


Dr. Birmingham provides Emetophobia Treatment at his Vancouver, BC clinic

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