My Loreta Scan Experience

Thank you for re-opening my world.

Dear Dr. Birmingham,

It’s been a while since I met with you for my Loreta scan and counselling, two and a half months. I’ve wanted to write to you to tell you about the changes I’ve noticed but they keep on happening, so I’m clearly not done yet. I do though, want to put words to paper to share my experience and thoughts to date.

Something shut down in me a long time ago. You would refer to it as incoherence between experience and learning. I would call it bad luck. However, it was necessary, in a complex way, to build the person I’ve become. You have helped me see this business of being human as an enticing prospect for improvement.

After viewing the first scan, you said to me, “you have the brain of an artist”. You cannot imagine the relief those words gave me. You and Loreta have helped me rediscover that part of me that’s only existed on the sidelines of my life. Since then, I have turned towards many creative projects in my spare time.

You told me I worked too hard which did not leave much room for the pursuit of life in a fuller dimension. You nudged me in the direction of journaling (have never been a big fan of it). I gave it the old college try but it just isn’t me. You encouraged me though to, “try a few things out, the right one will find you.” It did.

Enter, “Buddha Brain”, by Mendez and Hanson. An excellent read and a few aha moments for me. I’ve always struggled with the notion of mindfulness,

never quite latching on to what it really means. Buddha Brain helped me with this. For the first time in my life, I truly understand it, have practiced it, struggled with it but am learning a different way of being. If I let the river flow around me, not getting hooked by any part of it, I’m good.

I want to revisit the notion of coherence. During the counselling with you and the “green apple”, I came to understand why accessing some of the executive functions of my brain was a struggle. Exercises to realign coherence has helped me call on these when I need them. This has led to increased self-confidence and trust that I’m making the right decisions. I have to let you know though, when I’m involved in an artistic project, these rarely enter the equation.

This work has profoundly changed me in the way I interact, plan, work, and play. Thank you is an expression too diminutive to fully express my gratitude for being such a gentle guide, healer, and teacher.

From the artful executive…



I had been making attempts at recovery for over ten years before I came to see Dr. Birmingham and his associates. Previously I would make small steps but I seemed unable to maintain the changes and really move away from my anorexia. Dr. B.’s team approach made a point of looking at all the areas of my life and how I could be supported in recovery.

My neurofeedback sessions seemed to calm the eating disordered thoughts so that I could actually start to apply the changes that I knew I needed. For the first time I was able to start “walking the walk” rather than just “talking the talk”.

It’s scary to be stepping into my future and yet I feel I am now ready to do so and not fall backward again. I am finally believing that I can live my life without my eating disorder.